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EquiHub is a community focused project to give the equestrian industry a central platform of information relating to all parts of the horsey world.

Key Points

The Background

EquiHub is a initiative to for the South African Equestrian industry to build a central community driven hub for all equestrian enthusiasts. Though they are only in the preliminary stages of the project, they made sure to get a simple, easy to use website up for all interested parties to explore.

The Challenge

The equestrian world is very segmented, with many channels of information, sometimes contradicting information, going around through multiple platforms. Our biggest challenge was to try and understand the community, their need, and what would be the best approach to launching this project.

Work In Progress

We are still working closely with the EquiHub team to tweak their offering to best work for their community.




Roodt Brümmer


Annika du Plessis

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