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We helped Marlene build a professional site for her personal brand, as well as setting up her social media so she can start interacting with her community.

Key Points

The Background

SnappySite is an initiative for building single page websites and landing pages. This project is aimed at the everyman who knows they need or want a website, but gets overwhelmed with development house / digital agency pricing, content requests, and the nitty-gritty details they don’t know, but know is going to pop-up down the line and bite them.

Simple, clean, basic websites to get you going. You can always build on to the foundation at a later stage.

The Challenge

We found that people tend to be overwhelmed by the many faucets of getting your website online, not to mention the price tag that tends to accompany said website. We had to sit and take a long, hard look at what it is that will differentiate SnappySite from your run-of-the-mill website offers.

The Result

And we think we found it in the end. We built a site that offers a client complete end-to-end guidance on the site thay want to launch, taking domain, hosting, security (SSL even), design, and content into account, all at a VERY reasonable budget. We think this is a good one 🙂




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