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The Tiny Astronaut

We decided to play around with some “new” features released by some of the website tools we used and make a fun little website on why websites are important. We tried to do it in a story format, so there’s that…

Key Points

The Background

We often get strange looks when we say websites are an absolute crucial part of any business or operation, and that usually leads into lengthy discussions. This led us to try and sum up why a website is important, so here’s our first attempt (we’re sure there will be many more).

The Challenge

We had to think of one single reason any business or organisation should have a website. Sure, there are tons of reasons, but that’s the problem! We wanted a “one-size-fits-all” reason. Challenge accepted!

The Result

We came up with one word, after many hours of discussion, and we kind of like it. We hope you do too:



Annika du Plessis

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