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We are a people first, online solutions company who place the emphasis on YOU and what YOU need.

Our focus

Every project we undertake is done so with passion and enthusiasm. Whether we are building a website, designing business processes, implementing online solutions, developing software, or just training some basic skills, we do so by listening, and understanding, your business and challenges, analysing your needs first, and then providing our input.

We work with a variety of businesses and start-ups to help streamline, optimise and improve their day-to-day activities, grow their businesses, and establish their online presence.

Originally founded in 2015, we spent two and a half years developing our in-house software platform and value propositions. Systematically building, testing, reviewing, and re-building our software, we have developed a large amount of insight into the common issues in the software world the client experiences. Putting that knowledge to good use, we launched our highly customisable, fully scalable, and very affordable software solution to the South African market late 2018.

A few fun facts about our team

There's three of us in the team, our office companions are a Belgian Malinois (that's a dog) named Hanna, and a who-knows-what named Cody, we all love the outdoors, one of us is a major geek, one a minor one, two of us would play video games for a living if it was an option, "coffee addicts" does not begin to cover it, and we debate completely pointless things on a regular basis.

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So how do we all fit together?

In the end we are bound by our passion to use our experience and expertise to develop innovative solutions to help people achieve their dreams.

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